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Juan Zuluaga (Zulu)

I’ve lived in Miami for the past 10 years, living in both Broward and Dade Counties- enjoying what both territories have to offer.

After serving in the military for 10 years, I decided to relocate to Brickell, and had a taste for the “downtown life” and later decided to move to a single family home, near by, where I got a good feeling for what real home ownership and improvement is all about

Real Estate has played a huge impact in my life, and been the single most long lasting project during my run. I purchased my first home at the age of 22, with a VA loan, and since then have taken advantage of the different types of loans- from conventional, to FHA, home equity to 80/10/10 and have always managed to love the process of finding the right home, improving the premise, living in it, using the most beneficial form of financing, and finally profiting.

Real Estate has brought me closer to my family and my dreams. In every project- being buying my own home, rental property or restoration project, I’ve always managed to get all my loved ones involved- from planting gardens to full on rehabs, making the whole process an eventful journey.

Real Estate has proven to be my most reliable investment, and after 10 years in the Air Force, 10 in the FBI and one with the Department of Defense, I made the switch to apply all my knowledge, positive energy and vision to work for my self and my clients in the prosperous world of Real Estate.

My Commitment to You!

I am constantly working on ways to improve my relationship with my clients. No matter how big or small your investment may be, I will double that with my efforts in order to satisfy your real estate needs.

+1 (850) 803 1383

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